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Silver Jewellery

Please be advised that your silver jewellery will need to be stored correctly when not wearing, if your items are not correctly maintained they may tarnish, please keep your items wrapped in the tissue provided when not wearing, it is advised that silver jewellery should be stored in a dry, airtight environment i;e velvet lined jewellery box or bag, however we have tested the effectiveness of the acid free tissue paper and it is a great alternative.

your items of jewellery will be exposed to all kinds of elements which also cause discoloring and tarnish, for example ( but not limited to) perfumes, chlorine , soap and sweat. all these do take the shine from your beautiful pieces. regularly cleaning of your jewellery will keep your items looking beautiful and as new as when you first received them. we also offer a free cleaning service of all our items so please feel free to get in touch.

for more advise on how to keep your items sparkly , please do research on the internet.

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